ExxonMobil Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline.

ExxonMobil Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline.TCC / COTCO (ExxonMobil) Chad Cameroon Oil Pipeline, Dargavel Engineering sub-contracted as Specialist Engineering Support for ‘ORTEC / MW Kellogg’ @ Pumping Station No. 3,  Belabo, Cameroon and ‘Kribi’, Doula, Cameroon Pressure Reduction Metering Station, on the construction of the 30’’ diameter pipeline, piping design and constructability reviews with materials / welding procedures suitability to ASME B31-3/4/8.

Mechanical testing of typical constructed pipework weldments for post qualification of welding procedures from ASME B31-3 to ASME B31-4 and also ASME B31-8 (Plant Gas Packages).

Project delivered on time for first oil distribution. Photo shown is the erection and installation of the Utility Nitrogen Column.


NOC Oil Company Libya.

NOC Oil Company Libya.NOC – Zueitina Oil Company Libya, North Africa, Project Management Support for a ‘Penspen / Pencol’ EPC Project for coastal networks gas gathering, with HP Gas Compressor Station & Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (Siemens GT60 Turbine & STC-SV 10-6-A Gas Compressors) and Facilities. 42” Pipeline to Coastal Networks & LP Gas Compressor Project (Solar Turbines), ensuring the scope of work is achieved in accordance with contract requirements and timeframe, and in compliance with established specifications and standards.

Compressors (Siemens / Solar), Nitrogen Generators Control Systems, Actuated Ball Valves, Fuel-Gas Systems & Metering systems (photo shown), Piping Modules Vendor Package’s.


TOTAL EPNL, Offshore Assets, Nigeria.

TOTAL EPNL, Offshore Assets, Nigeria, provision of ‘Technical Mechanical Engineering Support’ to the production maintenance department for rotating and static mechanical equipment. Supervising the implementation of minor mechanical modifications and improvement projects, to ensure their safe, cost-effective and timely execution, in accordance with established company standards and specifications.

Also, provision of ‘Assets Integrity Support Engineering’ to ensure that the physical and functional integrity of the production assets comply with Company Rules & statutory Legislative requirements. Plant, management and supervise the statutory inspections of (but not limited to): - pressure systems (process pipework, pressure vessels, Exchangers, Coolers, pressure safety valves, pipelines, etc), topside and jacket structures, ancillary structures, Cranes and Loose Lifting Apparatus etc. Generating written schemes of examination, and Plant item preparations for dismantling  for Vessel /Exchanger/Tank/Cooler etc, Major  Inspections, also detailing take offs for spares-change outs i.e. gaskets, bolting, internals (demisters, baffle plates, tubes, tube-bundles) that are required for the integrity and normal back into service.

Endorsing plant equipment in accordance with assessment calculations according to ‘API 581’, incorporated in the ‘Total FAME+’ software. Input, evaluation and validation of ‘Synergi (Risk Management Software)’, ‘Stream (HSE)’ and ‘Enablon (Environment)’ incidents/cases/studies etc.

LLOYD’S REGISTER EMEA,  AGIP KCO, Kashagan Oil and Gas Project, Kazakhstan.

LLOYD’S REGISTER EMEA,  AGIP KCO, Kashagan Oil and Gas Project, Kazakhstan.Provision of Mechanical Engineering Specialist for technical support for the Lloyd‘s Register Independent Verification Body (IVB), Safety Case - Critical elements review for verification in regard to:

  • Design
  • International Specifications
  • Standards
  • Practices & Project specific documents

Office and site based in Kazakhstan, photo shown is of ‘Karabatan (Eskene-West) onshore Oil processing facility.