Dargavel Engineering Staff
Gaining their trust from customer and management, as they lead by example, efficiently completing tasks and only reporting on what they do and achieve.

Continuing growth by an ongoing training-learning attitude, stimulating the knowledge experience, with the acquisition through professional and academic networks.

Projects carried within different working environments on all continents – with efficient quality of work and overall aligned within the project schedule.

Integrated staff teams that utilise the capabilities of each member, for positive actions that rewards the team’s ongoing achievements.

For the continued growth of the customer investment of Dargavel Engineering in the competitive Energy - Oil and Gas World.

Innovation & Creativity
For the past twenty years Dargavel Engineering has gained a reputation for creative and innovative solutions for process plant maintenance, facilities upgrades and project management improvements. With the experience gained along with accredited Qualifications to deliver a comprehensive and creative integrated Plant Maintenance Training modular course.